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Liberty Health: African Business Unit

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Maintain corporate identity across local and international business units – Consistency across all corporate communications, products and services is key to sustain a long-term positive reputation in the marketplace. Design and typesetting services provided for: Health Awareness Flyers; Forms for

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

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Nurture the visual identity and integrity of your corporate culture! We support the AGOF on the design and layout of a number of corporate communications and reports to share the foundation’s successes with associates. Strategic brand and design services provided for: Overarching Foundation Level Reports; Fellowship

2018 State of City Finances: Main Report

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Five year review finance report – The State of City Finances is a series of reports published every five years. Visually appealing designs for: cover and chapter openers to engage audience, creative page layout with graphics relevant to narrative, charts

2018 State of City Finances: People’s Guide

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Translate data into meaningful messages for wide target audience – The People’s Guide to the State of City Finances is a concise, visual representation of the key findings from the main State of City Finances report. Stylised graphic solutions developed for: dashboards with colour

BRICS Friendship Cities, Local Government Cooperation and Urbanisation (FCLGCU) Forum Report

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Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution – This report provides an overview of the insights and discussions that transpired during the 10th BRICS Friendship Cities, Local Government Cooperation

UNDP Impact Report

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Intuitive use of iconography and typography to create a hierarchy of information that delivers key messages with maximum impact! ABS is Genetic Resources for Sustainable Development publication from UNDP illustrates the impact of the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and

2017 National Education Collaboration Trust Annual Report

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Effective thematic design solutions within budget and on time! Ink Design’s typesetters are experienced in working with information heavy documents that require specialised skills. Professional page layouts showcasing: Thematic

Legal Wise Citizenship Education

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Youth Legal Series: Bringing Law into the Classroom Educational resources relevant to South African learners, corporate-sponsored by Legal Wise. Six modules in development with Bright Media for learner books, posters and educational resources to supplement the Life Orientation learning area. Visually appealing

Concept Design for NPO Annual Report

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Great design is key to making a lasting impression! The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that continues the values, principles and mission of its founders. Design concepts provided for: cover designs in line with corporate colour palette, section openers

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