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Corporate Reports

2017 National Education Collaboration Trust Annual Report

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Effective thematic design solutions within budget and on time! Ink Design’s typesetters are experienced in working with information heavy documents that require specialised skills. Professional page layouts showcasing: Thematic

Impact Report

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Intuitive use of iconography and typography to create a hierarchy of information that delivers key messages with maximum impact! ABS is Genetic Resources for Sustainable Development publication from UNDP illustrates the impact of the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and

Concept Design for NPO Annual Report

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Great design is key to making a lasting impression! The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that continues the values, principles and mission of its founders. Design concepts provided for: cover designs in line with corporate colour palette, section openers

Primary School Reading Improvement Programme Booklet

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Develop data into colourful infographics to highlight achievements! South Africa is becoming a nation of activereaders. A condition necessary for improved learner achievement, active citizenry anddemocracy. Professional services offered: innovative data presentation, infographics

Department of Economics, Stellenbosch University

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Research on Socio Economic Policy (RESEP) publications The research at RESEP is focused on issues of poverty, income distribution, social mobility, economic development and social policy. Graphic design solutions for: policy briefs, including tables and graphs, progress reports for funders,

Infrastructure Dialogues

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Analytical and Conference Reports – The Infrastructure Dialogues are hosted by the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), the Business Trust Support Programme for Accelerated Infrastructure Development (SPAID) and the South African Cities Network (SACN). Design solutions

Gauteng Municipality

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Gauteng Spatial Development Framework 2030 Project The Gauteng Spatial Development Framework (GSDF) is a substantial document with high quality analysis and a range of significant recommendations to ensure sustainable, inclusive and decisive spatial transformation. A summary booklet highlighting key messages was adapted

10 Year Review

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A Decade of Inspiring Entrepreneurs A ten year review to celebrate the milestones in the foundation’s journey to nurture the emerging entrepreneurial potential from Southern Africa. Bring narrative to life with: eye-catching layout, strong headlines, sound-bite delivery of information, powerful images, bold typography,

2016/17 SAEON Annual Report

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Skillful visual content emphasises goals and achievements! The first South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) Annual Report  – previously produced 5-year overviews. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were incorporated into the report,

UN Convention to Combat Desertification COP 13

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Listening to Our Land: Stories of Resilience A selection of stories that demonstrate how sustainable land management (SLM) addresses land degradation, and promotes the achievement of multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2016 National Education Collaboration Trust Annual Report

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Add value to the non-financial targets of your organisation! The National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) has a long term vision of improved and sustainable education quality. The collaboration between business, government,

2015/16 Annual Report for DSD

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Strong design ensures Annual Report communicates successfully with readers! High-impact photographs were sourced and paired with creative graphic design elements. Photo shoots were arranged and managed in both Pretoria and Cape Town. Stylized graphs, charts

2017 Ocean Conference, New York

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Sea, My Life: Protecting Oceans, Sustaining our Future A voyage to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around the world that features fifteen case studies. Beautiful oceanic photography compliments the nautical design elements.

Sustainable Cities Integrated Summary Report

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Publications require cover designs that engage audiences In the same way, a novel needs a cover that intrigues yet hints at the plot, an integrated summary report requires a cover design that grabs your attention

2015 Citizens’ Guide to the State of City Finances

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The aim of the Citizens’ Guide to the State of City Finances is to inform a wide audience about key messages emerging from the State of City Finances series of reports, published by the South African Cities Network since 2006.

Resourcing Resilience

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Powerful visuals crucial to convey policy brief key message Data graphics and photographs were combined to deliver concise, powerful visual representation of REPSSI’s policy brief on child-sensitive social protection. Graphical representation of statistics were designed to emphasise important information in the resource report.

2015/6 Interfront Annual Report

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Annual Report design that effectively communicates your corporate message! Section openers for this annual report were designed around the company’s investment in the development of their staff and the employees’ passionate teamwork. Our creative team worked closely with Interfront to make the data visual.

Energy Report: Sustainable Energy Africa

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This third State of Energy in South African Cities report examines the sustainable energy development path of 18 key cities in South Africa. Expert visual communication practices showcase the data and analysis work collected by Sustainable Energy Africa into a user-friendly

2016 State of South African Cities Report

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The State of South African Cities Report is a comprehensive 416-pp publication presenting a 5-year perspective on the performance and conditions of South Africa’s largest cities. Photographs submitted for the SACN Instagram

Research Report for SANParks

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Our broad knowledge base guarantees we utilise our technical skills to create covers with maximum impact. The modern page design emphasises important data. The South African National Parks (SANParks) Research Report highlights SANParks research profile and gives an overview

Annual Performance Plan for SASSA

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Annual Performance Plans provide a direct link between annual key priorities and medium- to long-term strategic goals. Ink Design offers a full publishing production service, managing publishing projects from concept to print or digital product.

Annual Report 2014 for DSD

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With a team of highly skilled and experienced media specialists, Ink Design can handle all aspects of production from brief to print.

Annual Report 2013 for SACN

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The 2013 Annual Report for South African Cities Network (SACN) includes graphical representation of performance in the form of graphs and info graphics to support the detailed reports. Innovative consideration was given to the creation of section openers, case studies and other design elements.

BIOFIN Convention on Biological Diversity

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The BIOFIN Workbook is available in English, French and Spanish. Ink Design provided design and photo research for all 3 languages as well as other supporting material for the day-long event

How to Make Cities Safer

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Report for saferspaces on the South African urban safety study tour to Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá and Medellín between 31 March and 13 April 2014. Our strong team of project managers, editors, illustrators and designers offer a comprehensive communications strategies and production service.

Discussion document with infographics

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This concept design of a discussion document for the Department of Cooperative Government Traditional Affairs was planned to impart important statistics in a visually exciting way. Ink Design meticulously consolidated the facts and figures mentioned within the text into creative

Information graphics

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Secondary cities: the start of a conversation showcased profiles and comparisons of 22 potential secondary cities in South Africa. Our media specialists meticulously consolidated the reams of facts and figures from client-supplied spreadsheets into creative info-graphics which communicated the statistics

Evaluation Report

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Workplace Skills Planning in South Africa’s Largest Municipalities is an evaluation report of the LGSETA mandatory grant process. Ink Design was responsible for the design, layout and typesetting. Picture research and illustrating of diagrams and graphs were done in-house.

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