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Annual Report design and layout

Compiling an annual report need not be a daunting task – Ink Design’s creative team can handle all aspects of production from brief through to print. In collaboration with a significant network of writers, editors, translators, illustrators, photographers and printers, Ink Design is ideally suited to meet the needs of clients for the provision of quality annual report design, layout and editing services.

Cover Design

The Annual Report cover is a great opportunity to showcase your brand through unique design. Ink Design’s graphic designers will create stunning cover designs, in line with your Corporate Identity (CI) guidelines, that will capture the target audience’s attention.

Contents Page

The table of contents is usually the first part of a publication a reader navigates to. The layout needs to be functional and user-friendly but many beautiful and innovative designs are possible.

Section Openers

The look and feel of section openers must tie in with the cover design. This is a wonderful opportunity to communicate your corporate message through the use of appropriate visual content.


The front part of the annual report chronicles an organisation’s activities and details long-term goals. Management reviews in the form of Foreword from the Minister, Statement from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Letter from the Chairperson summarises the operations of the corporation and its future growth prospects. The information in the management reviews can be revamped into case studies, quotes, info graphics and other design features.

Company Organisational Structure

Organograms are a visual representation of the reporting hierarchy in a company. Photographs of the Board of Directors, Executive Management and other personnel can be incorporated into the design to create a professional layout that engages the reader.

Annual Financial Statements

The back part of the annual report contains the audited financial accounts – balance sheet, income statement (profit and loss account), cash flow statements and supporting notes to the finance section. Ink Design’s typesetters are experienced in working with information heavy documents that require specialised skills.

Graphics and Page Elements

Graphs, diagrams, data and info graphics are created to reflect the style and tone of the rest of the annual report. Bespoke page elements, that link to the clients corporate identity and key message, are designed to guide the reader in navigating through an annual report.
Details and examples of our work can be found in our reports portfolio.

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