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ICLEI Africa – Wetland Management Guidelines


Building Capacity and Supporting Effective Management of Wetlands within South African Municipalities –

The Wetland Management Guidelines aim to assist municipalities in tackling barriers and challenges to the mainstreaming of environmental and biodiversity management into local government.

    Professional publishing solutions offered were:

  • cover and concept design in line with funders colour palette,
  • intuitive use of typography to facilitate a hierarchy of information,
  • graphics and margin items developed to highlight key information,
  • modern page layout and arrangement of visual elements,
  • photographs paired with creative graphic design elements.

The LAB Wetlands SA programme – implemented by ICLEI and key partners, SANBI, SALGA, Working for Wetlands and DEA – is based on the globally renowned LAB Pioneer methodology. The LAB programme recognises the critical role of local governments in biodiversity conversation and the value of biodiversity for delivering ecosystem services and enhancing local climate resilience.

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