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School Magazine WBJS

Annual school magazine yearbook design to journal class and sport memories

The cover and page design for this annual school magazine is influenced by the travel journals that adventurers keep to log their journey and discoveries. A warm, weathered cursive font has been paired with a clean, legible body typeface to create a modern yet timeless character.

Page tabs create a cohesive visual texture and run down the side of pages, making it easy to navigate through the book. Page elements, in keeping with the design’s visual identity, are repeated throughout the magazine.

Badges and pins were developed for each of the four pillars (Academic, Service, Culture and Sport) that Wynberg Boys’ Junior School endorse. A colour palette was developed from the school colours and assigned to each section.

Layout of scholar contributions and teacher articles were aligned to a careful thought out flat plan. The photograph selection and placement ensured maximum coverage of all school activities.

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See Wynberg Girls’ Junior School 2016 Magazine here.

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