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School Magazine WGJS

Vibrant annual school magazine yearbook design


The design is inspired by the Wool for Wonders Outreach Programme Wynberg Girls’ Junior School supports. A wool pattern was created to tie in with the theme. It creates a cohesive visual texture and runs as a footer throughout the magazine.

The youthful and inviting complimentary colour palette is inspired from the year’s “A” theme values of Accuracy, Awareness, Acceptance and Awesomeness. Graphics were designed to compliment the “A” theme values and placed on pages to achieve visual unity and harmony within the yearbook.

A feminine font with a handwritten feel has been paired with a clean and legible body font to create a unique personality for the magazine. To create a constant and logical composition; certain page elements and graphics are repeated which creates a neat and effective layout that is easy to navigate.

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See Wynberg Boy’s Junior School 2016 Magazine here.

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