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Sustainable Cities Integrated Summary Report


Publications require cover designs that engage audiences

In the same way, a novel needs a cover that intrigues yet hints at the plot, an integrated summary report requires a cover design that grabs your attention and makes reference to the publications’ subject matter.

Break-up long chunks of content and present in a manner that engages readers. Placement and spacing of content, photographic images, charts and other graphic elements will completely transform research material into a publication that draws an audience in and keeps them there.

The Sustainable Cities Report is a summary of several full research reports and papers as well as other SACN publications. It provides a snapshot of the key sectors and cross-cutting issues.

This document strives to continue dialogue around broadening the notion of sustainable cities beyond green issues, to include cross-cutting issues, such as rural-urban linkages, socio-political stability, human capacity and financial management.

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