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Corporate Communication

Liberty Health: African Business Unit

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Maintain corporate identity across local and international business units – Consistency across all corporate communications, products and services is key to sustain a long-term positive reputation in the marketplace. Design and typesetting services provided for: Health Awareness Flyers; Forms for

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

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Nurture the visual identity and integrity of your corporate culture! We support the AGOF on the design and layout of a number of corporate communications and reports to share the foundation’s successes with associates. Strategic brand and design services provided

IRR Corporate Branding

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Create and maintain a unique identity through strategic brand management. Ink Design is committed to maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with positive results. Design services for the following: brochures, conference banners and invites, creative representation of graphs, data

Primary School Reading Improvement Programme Booklet

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Develop data into colourful infographics to highlight achievements! South Africa is becoming a nation of activereaders. A condition necessary for improved learner achievement, active citizenry anddemocracy. Professional services offered

RedBRICK Consultancy Re-Branding Campaign

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Strategic brand and design consultancy services – A new company name and brand was necessary to reflect the change from international shareholders to South African. Timely rollout of re-branded elements for the following: Stationery Templates

Biodiversity and Land Use Project

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Design strategy to engage all stakeholders and create conversations – The Biodiversity and Land Use Project supports municipalities in regulating land use. Design collateral must be part of an effective communication strategy to engage all stakeholders and create conversations. Innovative professional designs are developed appropriate to

Centre for Risk Analysis

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Relevant visual designs for research reports and proposals – Ink Design provides a wide-range of design solutions to the Centre for Risk Analysis (CRA) for use in their publications, bespoke assessments and corporate communications. Professional design services for the following: presentation folders, business cards

10 Year Review

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A Decade of Inspiring Entrepreneurs A ten year review to celebrate the milestones in the foundation’s journey to nurture the emerging entrepreneurial potential from Southern Africa. Bring narrative to life with: eye-catching layout, strong headlines, sound-bite delivery

NECT Vuwani Report

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Relevant visual designs to engage all stakeholders and create conversations! Report to showcase a crowd-resourcing initiative. Graphics were created to visually communicate the progress and results. Communication design through the use of: eye-catching cover design, creative page layout with high‑impact visuals

Annual Performance Plan for SASSA

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Annual Performance Plans provide a direct link between annual key priorities and medium- to long-term strategic goals. Ink Design offers a full publishing production service, managing publishing projects from concept to print or digital product.

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