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Legal Wise Citizenship Education

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Youth Legal Series: Bringing Law into the Classroom Educational resources relevant to South African learners, corporate-sponsored by Legal Wise. Six modules in development with Bright Media for learner books, posters and educational resources to supplement the Life Orientation learning area. Visually appealing

Two Oceans Aquarium

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Puppet Stories Series Logo and storybook design for popular environmental and educational puppet shows. Stories brought to life through: colourful cover design, selection of typography suitable for young readers, interactive layout of stories to highlight key lessons and messages, icon development for Brain Tickles and other activities

HST Ideal Clinic Realisation and Maintenance (ICRM) Initiative

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Publishing solutions from concept through pilot workshops to final product. The initiative focuses on strengthening of health systems through a series of workshops at all levels within the district health system. Publishing solutions offered: project management, design and art direction, layout

Department of Economics, Stellenbosch University

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Research on Socio Economic Policy (RESEP) publications The research at RESEP is focused on issues of poverty, income distribution, social mobility, economic development and social policy. Graphic design solutions for: policy briefs, including tables and graphs, progress reports for funders,

Primary School Reading Improvement Programme Booklet

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Develop data into colourful infographics to highlight achievements! South Africa is becoming a nation of activereaders. A condition necessary for improved learner achievement, active citizenry anddemocracy. Professional services offered

ICLEI Africa – Wetland Management Guidelines

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Building Capacity and Supporting Effective Management of Wetlands within South African Municipalities – The Wetland Management Guidelines aim to assist municipalities in tackling barriers and challenges to the mainstreaming of environmental and biodiversity management into

Guidelines on District Coordination Roles for Regional and Urban Development Planning

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Distinctive visual design to bridge communication gaps – The District Guidelines were developed in partnership with Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Palmer Development Group (PDG) to facilitate

New Urban Agenda Localisation Framework

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An urbanisation action blueprint for UN-Habitat – The New Urban Agenda Localisation Framework (NUA-LF) is a discussion document that SACN produced in partnership with the Department of Human Settlements and the Department

SOS Financial Freedom: Student Guide

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Professional design solutions developed appropriate to targetaudience – A consumer education initiative for South African scholars, students and school leavers. Communication design through the use of: eye-catching logo and cover design, functional and modern page layouts, easy to interpret case studies and worksheets

HST PHC Facility Governance Project

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Publishing solutions for a range of resources in multiple language. Manuals, handbooks and resources developed to improve the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values of members of health governance structures in order to fulfil their health governance roles and responsibilities. Design and development of: Facilitation Guide,

BankservAfrica: Entrepreneurship Learning Resources

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Maintain consistency in series design and visual identity of all resources – Educational resources relevant to South African learners to supplement the Economic Management Sciences learning area. Corporate-sponsored by BankservAfrica and developed with Bright Media, this project is CAPS aligned for Grade 7. Design strategy for: logo

Gauteng Municipality

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Gauteng Spatial Development Framework 2030 Project The Gauteng Spatial Development Framework (GSDF) is a substantial document with high quality analysis and a range of significant recommendations to ensure sustainable, inclusive and decisive spatial transformation. A summary booklet highlighting key messages was adapted

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) Guidelines

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Graphic design solutions to impart knowledge and facilitate decision making Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) is the use of biodiversity and ecosystems to support communities to adapt to life in a less predictable climate system. Professional production services offered: bespoke graphic

Technical Mathematics Series for Entrepreneurs

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Series Design for Technical Mathematics Complex government and corporate project, developed with researchers and users, for learners in Grades 10, 11, 12 and TVET. The materials developed by Bright Media are CAPS-aligned and impart knowledge and skills. Compelling and user-friendly

LAB Wetlands SA | ICLEI Africa – Wetlands Reports

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Publication design that imparts knowledge and communicates effectively! The aim of the ICLEI Africa – Local Governments for Sustainability Wetland Reports is to improve local government knowledge management and facilitate decision making and planning. Professional page layouts showcasing:

2016 National Education Collaboration Trust Annual Report

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Add value to the non-financial targets of your organisation! The National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) has a long term vision of improved and sustainable education quality. The collaboration between business, government,

NECT Vuwani Report

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Relevant visual designs to engage all stakeholders and create conversations! Report to showcase a crowd-resourcing initiative. Graphics were created to visually communicate the progress and results. Communication design through the use of: eye-catching cover design, creative page layout with high‑impact visuals

School Magazine WGJS

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Vibrant annual school magazine yearbook design The design is inspired by the Wool for Wonders Outreach Programme Wynberg Girls’ Junior School supports. A wool pattern was created to tie in with the theme. It creates a cohesive visual texture and runs as a footer throughout the magazine.

School Magazine WBJS

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Annual school magazine yearbook design to journal class and sport memories The cover and page design for this annual school magazine is influenced by the travel journals that adventurers keep to log their journey and discoveries. A warm, weathered cursive font has been paired with a clean, legible body typeface to create a modern

BIOFIN Convention on Biological Diversity

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The BIOFIN Workbook is available in English, French and Spanish. Ink Design provided design and photo research for all 3 languages as well as other supporting material for the day-long event


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Fun, colourful and versatile magazine design and layout for the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA). For over three decades EnviroKids has broadened awareness and promoted environmental action among children. Each issue has a different theme and supports the education curriculum, making it the perfect

School textbooks

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With a  team of highly experienced technical typesetters, INK DESIGN is well-placed to handle numerous titles  simultaneously. We work closely as a team to ensure consistency in series design and to beat any deadline.

Science setting

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The INK DESIGN studio can take care of all your science textbook needs, from concept design to typesetting and illustrating. Our typesetters are proficient in MT.EDITOR which we use to set equations in Science and Chemistry books. Graphs and technical diagrams that adhere to series specifications will be illustrated by our DTP department. Our attention to detail ensures

Maths setting

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INK DESIGN is a one-stop shop for textbook design and production and has been working with almost every local and several major international educational publishers for nearly 20 years. Our typesetters specialise in Maths and Science typesetting and are proficient in MT.EDITOR which we use to set equations in Maths textbooks

Language setting

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Our strong team of highly skilled and experienced designers and typesetters can handle projects of any size with any deadline. Our studio is fully equipped to handle all production from concept through to print. Careful consideration is given to reading level and learning area during conceptualization. We are able to work in any


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Our typesetters’ meticulous attention to detail ensures that novels and other text-heavy books are typeset professionally.  Our broad knowledge base ensures we can make use of the most up-to-date skills to design book covers with maximum impact. Years of experience in language setting ensures we can typeset fiction in any language.

Poetry & Short Stories

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Prescribed literature for the South African schools curriculum including poetry, drama, folklore and short stories. Ink Design can conceptualise numerous ways to treat the same subject matter to fulfil the curriculum criteria for detailed support for teachers and learners.

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