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UNDP Impact Report

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Intuitive use of iconography and typography to create a hierarchy of information that delivers key messages with maximum impact! ABS is Genetic Resources for Sustainable Development publication from UNDP illustrates the impact of the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and

Sustainable Cities projects

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Creative solutions to deliver concise, powerful visuals – SACN’s Sustainable Cities programme looks at urban sustainability and development, and how cities impact the limited reserves of non-renewable resources. Booklets, brochures, posters and info graphics were designed for the following topics:

Two Oceans Aquarium

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Puppet Stories Series Logo and storybook design for popular environmental and educational puppet shows. Stories brought to life through: colourful cover design, selection of typography suitable for young readers, interactive layout of stories to highlight key lessons and messages, icon development for Brain Tickles and other activities

ICLEI Africa – Wetland Management Guidelines

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Building Capacity and Supporting Effective Management of Wetlands within South African Municipalities – The Wetland Management Guidelines aim to assist municipalities in tackling barriers and challenges to the mainstreaming of environmental and biodiversity management into

Biodiversity and Land Use Project

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Design strategy to engage all stakeholders and create conversations – The Biodiversity and Land Use Project supports municipalities in regulating land use. Design collateral must be part of an effective communication strategy to engage all stakeholders and create conversations. Innovative professional designs are developed appropriate to

SanParks: Taking Stock of Parks in a Changing World

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Inventive visual design to present research data – The comprehensive Global Change Assessment from SANParks reports on the status and possible future trends in six drivers across nineteen National Parks. Graphic solutions were developed for: thematic visual treatment of

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) Guidelines

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Graphic design solutions to impart knowledge and facilitate decision making Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) is the use of biodiversity and ecosystems to support communities to adapt to life in a less predictable climate system. Professional production services offered: bespoke graphic

LAB Wetlands SA | ICLEI Africa – Wetlands Reports

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Publication design that imparts knowledge and communicates effectively! The aim of the ICLEI Africa – Local Governments for Sustainability Wetland Reports is to improve local government knowledge management and facilitate decision making and planning. Professional page layouts showcasing:

2016/17 SAEON Annual Report

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Skilful visual content emphasises goals and achievements! The first South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) Annual Report  – previously produced 5-year overviews. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were incorporated into the report,

UN Convention to Combat Desertification COP 13

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Listening to Our Land: Stories of Resilience A selection of stories that demonstrate how sustainable land management (SLM) addresses land degradation, and promotes the achievement of multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ecosystem Guidelines for Environmental Assessment

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Publication design that is relevant and easy to navigate Page layout is a meticulous balance of information, photographs and diagrams to create visual harmony. Photographs were selected from a vast archive of images

2017 Ocean Conference, New York

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Sea, My Life: Protecting Oceans, Sustaining our Future A voyage to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around the world that features fifteen case studies. Beautiful oceanic photography compliments the nautical design elements.

Energy Report: Sustainable Energy Africa

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This third State of Energy in South African Cities report examines the sustainable energy development path of 18 key cities in South Africa. Expert visual communication practices showcase the data and analysis work collected by Sustainable Energy Africa into a user-friendly

Research Report for SANParks

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Our broad knowledge base guarantees we utilise our technical skills to create covers with maximum impact. The modern page design emphasises important data. The South African National Parks (SANParks) Research Report highlights SANParks research profile and gives an overview

BIOFIN Convention on Biological Diversity

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The BIOFIN Workbook is available in English, French and Spanish. Ink Design provided design and photo research for all 3 languages as well as other supporting material for the day-long event

LIFE State of Biodiversity

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Ink Design designed and produced the beautiful LIFE State of Biodiversity together with science writer, Leonie Joubert for SANBI. Stunning banners and other marketing material were produced for the SANBI launch of the Report on International Biodiversity Day in May 2013. With a team of

International Aquarium Congress

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The 8th International Aquarium Congress was hosted by the Two Oceans Aquarium at the Cape Town International Convention Center in 2012. Ink Design sponsored the IAC Handbook and managed the design, layout and production of this handbook from concept to delivery.


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Fun, colourful and versatile magazine design and layout for the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA). For over three decades EnviroKids has broadened awareness and promoted environmental action among children. Each issue has a different theme and supports the education curriculum, making it the perfect

Cape of Storms

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An interactive e-book in PDF format. The layout is eye-catching with strong headlines, sound-bite delivery of information and powerful images. A sidebar with interactive roll-over buttons provides easy navigation between pages.

FLiCCR Rising Waters

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Research report for the Flooding in Cape Town under Climate Risk (FliCCR) Project. Attention was given to produce visually contrasting features from the personal accounts of residents in flood affected areas, to the challenges facing local government officials in the City of Cape Town and to insights into the complexities

Conference EfD Policy Day

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UCT’s Environmental-Economics Policy Research Unit (EPRU) hosted the 2013 EfD Policy day conference. Ink Design provided concept design, photo research as well as project and print management for the banners and conference folders.

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