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Financial Reports

Cape of Good Hope SPCA Annual Report

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High-impact photographs were paired with creative graphic design elements to create a bespoke design, that links to key messages in the narrative. Data made visual through creation of: graphic design with targeted, user-focused messaging that delivers real, tangible results, functional

Concept Design for Water Research Commission

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Give annual report design depth, meaning and direction – Full creative concept of a new look for the Water Research Commission Annual Report. Design concept approach for: cover design in line with corporate colour palette; creative page layout of visual elements to ease navigation; graphic

Inclusive Education Annual Report

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Non Government Organisation Annual Reports Inclusive Education South Africa is a Non Government Organisation that is committed to promoting and supporting positive models of inclusive education to centres of learning in South Africa. Organisation highlights were shared utilising: template design for covers, pages

2018 State of City Finances: Main Report

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Five year review finance report – The State of City Finances is a series of reports published every five years. Visually appealing designs for: cover and chapter openers to engage audience; creative page layout with graphics relevant to narrative; charts

2018 State of City Finances: People’s Guide

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Translate data into meaningful messages for wide target audience – The People’s Guide to the State of City Finances is a concise, visual representation of the key findings from the main State of City Finances report. Stylised graphic solutions developed for: dashboards with colour

2017 National Education Collaboration Trust Annual Report

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Effective thematic design solutions within budget and on time! Ink Design’s typesetters are experienced in working with information heavy documents that require specialised skills. Professional page layouts showcasing: Thematic

Concept Design for NPO Annual Report

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Great design is key to making a lasting impression! The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that continues the values, principles and mission of its founders. Design concepts provided for: cover designs in line with corporate colour palette, section openers

10 Year Review

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A Decade of Inspiring Entrepreneurs A ten year review to celebrate the milestones in the foundation’s journey to nurture the emerging entrepreneurial potential from Southern Africa. Bring narrative to life with: eye-catching layout, strong headlines, sound-bite delivery

2016/17 SAEON Annual Report

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Skilful visual content emphasises goals and achievements! The first South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) Annual Report  – previously produced 5-year overviews. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were incorporated into the report,

2016/17 Annual Report for DSD

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Photographs paired with creative graphic design elements to assist reader in navigating through key statistics in annual report “Thank you for the commitment and dedication to this project. The delivery and the tabling of the DSD Annual Report was done on time. It is always a great pleasure

2016 National Education Collaboration Trust Annual Report

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Add value to the non-financial targets of your organisation! The National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) has a long term vision of improved and sustainable education quality. The collaboration between business, government,

2015/16 Annual Report for DSD

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Strong design ensures Annual Report communicates successfully with readers! High-impact photographs were sourced and paired with creative graphic design elements. Photo shoots were arranged and managed in both Pretoria and Cape Town. Stylized graphs, charts

2015/6 Interfront Annual Report

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Annual Report design that effectively communicates your corporate message! Section openers for this annual report were designed around the company’s investment in the development of their staff and the employees’ passionate teamwork. Our creative team worked closely with Interfront to make the data visual.

Annual Performance Plan for SASSA

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Annual Performance Plans provide a direct link between annual key priorities and medium- to long-term strategic goals. Ink Design offers a full publishing production service, managing publishing projects from concept to print or digital product.

Annual Report 2015 for DSD

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Bright section openers, sub-section openers, quotes and other design elements were created to be both vivid and to follow the client’s CI guidelines.

Annual Report 2014 for DSD

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With a team of highly skilled and experienced media specialists, Ink Design can handle all aspects of production from brief to print.

Annual Report 2013 for SACN

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The 2013 Annual Report for South African Cities Network (SACN) includes graphical representation of performance in the form of graphs and info graphics to support the detailed reports. Innovative consideration was given to the creation of section openers, case studies and other design elements.

Annual Report for SACN

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The 2012 Annual Report for South African Cities Network (SACN) is more than financial report and includes detailed reports on program highlights. Careful consideration was given to the conceptualization of case studies, quotes and other design features.

Annual Report 2013 for DSD

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“Thanks once again for a great, world class annual report, which has received so much praise. We hope to have more opportunities to work together soon.” Christopher Mulaudzi Department of Social Development

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