Ink Design, Cape Town


Two Oceans Aquarium

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Puppet Stories Series Logo and storybook design for popular environmental and educational puppet shows. Stories brought to life through: colourful cover design, selection of typography suitable for young readers, interactive layout of stories to highlight key lessons and messages, icon development for Brain Tickles and other activities


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Our typesetters’ meticulous attention to detail ensures that novels and other text-heavy books are typeset professionally.  Our broad knowledge base ensures we can make use of the most up-to-date skills to design book covers with maximum impact. Years of experience in language setting ensures we can typeset fiction in any language.

Poetry & Short Stories

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Prescribed literature for the South African schools curriculum including poetry, drama, folklore and short stories. Ink Design can conceptualise numerous ways to treat the same subject matter to fulfil the curriculum criteria for detailed support for teachers and learners.

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